From the tiniest micro-organism to the greatest whale, every creature on what was once Planet Eden plays an essential role in the health and welfare of our Earth. No animal, no matter how insignificant it may seem to humans of today, is not worthy of preservation and protection. We have no right to play God with Creation. We are merely tenants on this Earth while we live and it is demanded of us by God that we are not only good tenants but good stewards as well.

Christian and Jewish tradition tells us God created all creatures both great and small and that Noah was instructed that every species was to be protected. God demanded that even flies, mosquitoes, snakes and everything which creeps upon the Earth were to be saved. Noah never questioned God's commandment, yet today, people proclaiming themselves to be God loving Christians and Jews, sneer at efforts to save members of God's Creation, which is a direct insult to God.

Insulting God by disobeying his direct commandment to Noah which He has never vacated, is blasphemy, and is punishable by something far worse than mere banishment from the Garden of Eden. According to the Book of Revelation 11:18, those who have been guilty of destroying the Earth shall be destroyed.

All of God's creatures both great and small are worthy of our respect and protection. To do otherwise is a mortal sin.

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